Our specially constructed advanced AlertMat system is made to be used in both underground and outdoor rail stations, tunnels and gate crossings to protect against unauthorized pedestrians crossing into the right away when occupied. Our uniquely designed low voltage LED lights are imbedded into a specially designed safety mat (custom designed and installed to fit your specific protection area), making it insensitive to UV rays for outdoor use and durable. When a train or bus approaches, AlertMat is automatically activated through SCADA or other control system and the ultra-bright LED lights flash at a speed set by you until the bus or train has exited the right away and it is safe for pedestrians or vehicles to cross. Best of all, the alert capability does not use a video system and is completely immune from the weather, noise, vehicle vibrations, and large crowds.


A typical AlertMat zones range 15 meters (50′) to 183 meters (600′), with LED light segments every 5′ for easy replacement if necessary. AlertMat can be easily installed between each track for maximum detection areas. Need movement detection along with audio and visual notification through an existing digital signage, PA or other intrusion detection system? Not to worry, our FibrMat® ATSM sensor mat and TV1 Controller interfaces with virtually any CCTV, security, and intrusion detection and notification system. The controller can be either wall mounted or rack mounted. Typical rack mount size is 2U for easy installation, taking up as little space as possible

Integration with other vendor systems

The TransitVUE® AlertMat is capable of integrating with any of our other systems through dry contact closure or Ethernet connections. TransitVUE® Alertmat utilizes an open architecture for integration with an agency SCADA system or other vendors CCTV and security system head-in. Open architecture integration provides a total protection solution to transit agencies.

For more information on on AlertMat or any of our TransitVUE® Systems, please visit our Downloads page for a complete list of brochures, datasheets, videos and presentations.