“Learn About Innovations in Transportation Security Technology and Passenger Information Systems at APTA EXPO 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia”.

apta-expo-show-logoFor the past 8 years, Transitvue Communication Systems has been showcasing cutting age technologies in transit communication and security at the American Public Transportation International EXPO. Held every three years, the APTA International EXPO is public transition’s premier showcase of technology, products and services. Transitvue will be at the center of the growing public transportation industry October 9-11, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia along with 800+ global exhibitors and 15,000+ industry peers. APTA’s International EXPO is the only event where innovation and technology converge to accelerate every mode of public transportation and every aspect of any organization.

Transitvue Communication Systems will be displaying a variety of full color LED variable message signs for concourse, station platform, on-board as well as transit centers.  These unique digital message boards offer true 3mm full color HD contrast and high definition video broadcast capability used for advanced messaging and advertising. The direct sun light outdoor LED SMD panel technology allows TransitVUE® displays to function in extreme temperatures without an AC unit and with 10+ years of LED longevity.  The 42″ Concourse Information Displays are designed to be positioned at the mezzanine levels, station entrances, over TVM’s and transit centers, while Platform Displays are best suitable for station platforms and bus stops. Both types of displays can be integrated with our PA option, using our Transitvue® Professional software, allowing agencies to reach their commuters with mass system wide notifications and to provide information to visually impaired passengers.  Transitvue® LED HD VMS Displays offer everything and much more than a traditional 2 line single color ticker sign is lacking for virtually the same price and are available in custom sizes. Schedule your demonstration today!

Come and join industry leaders accelerating the future of the public transportation industry and explore everything you need to see, experience and touch under one roof.

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