AIM™ is a physical layer advanced intrusion detection system utilizing specially constructed, heavy-duty presence sensing mats. They are designed to be used in both underground and outdoor rail stations, for detecting presence at security gates, in tunnels, and at grade crossings to protect against unauthorized intrusions or to alert a train operator if a vehicle is stopped on the tracks. The AIM™ intrusion detection system is uniquely designed to provide transit agencies with added security from unauthorized intrusions, which are detected instantly and a zone intrusion alert that is reported to designated personnel through our network GUI or mobile app.

AIM™ provides protection in any low and zero visibility conditions and any weather condition. The system can easily integrate with existing security camera’s to immediately pan, tilt and zoom into the exact location of the breach. If a breach is out of range for a security camera, the breach will be identified in its particular zone. The AIM™ sensing capability is completely immune from train vibrations or EMI, eliminating false alarms. The AIM™ is totally scaleable and expandable to satisfy the requirements of any size of transit agency.


AIM™ is a simple, normally open, normally closed contact embedded in a ruggedized self-extinguishing sensing mat. When the specified minimum applied pressure weight (20lbs or 9kg) contacts the mat, the internal contacts close. This sends an intrusion alert notification signal to a specified location warning device such as a beacon along tracks to alert a train operator of a possible intrusion, a canned audio alert message through the agency PA system or other type of specified visual alert.


AIM™ can be easily installed between tracks or a street grade crossing for maximum detection zones. An AIM™ zone can range from as little as 6 feet (1.83 meters) up to 150 feet (45 meters). Security operators can follow someone’s movements from zone to zone using integrated AIM™ mats with our network interface controller and notification software.

Each mat presents four wires to the controller. This provides the redundancy required to monitor the wiring for open circuits due to physical damage to the wires while continuing to monitor pressure changes caused by movements of individuals and vehicles. Mats are custom made to fit your specific protection area and use a quick disconnect for easy individual replacement. The easily definable threshold is set for a minimum weight threshold to eliminate false alarms based on snow accumulation, fog, rain and other weather conditions. AIM™ is immune to electromagnetic interference and resistant to corrosion, chemicals, water, and lightning. AIM™ mats are self extinguishing and safe for use in confined area’s such as tunnels and underground stations.

AIM™ will ignore movement from small animals and rodents like dogs, cats, rats and mice, but will detect larger objects such as a backpack full of explosives when dropped on the tracks. AIM automatic alerts are sent out when a person has entered a restricted area or jump onto the track intentionally (or by accident) to help prevent potential suicides.

AIM™ can be placed alongside railroad tracks within subway tunnels to detect areas not covered by security cameras and video analytics. This includes someone jumping onto the tracks, walking into a restricted area or entering a tunnel or portal. Security personnel will be notified immediately and if rail security has been breached so a train can be stopped before reaching the station. See AIM™ Applications for more information.

Integration with other vendor systems

TransitVUE® AIM™ is capable of integrating with any of our other security systems through a dry contact closure or Ethernet connection. AIM™ utilizes an open architecture for integration with an agency SCADA system or other vendors CCTV and security system head-in. Open architecture integration provides a total protection solution to transit agencies.

For more information on AIM™ or any of our TransitVUE® Systems, please visit our Downloads page for a complete list of brochures, datasheets, videos and presentations.