• TransitVUE® TPIS

    variable message signs and displays are manufactured in various sizes and configurations, so you are in charge of displaying your messages, managing your costs, delivering stunning public display performance, and adapting to multiple applications with ease.

  • From content creation to system design and installation to network management, our end-to-end solution supports all aspects of the system. Incidence reporting relays local schedule changes back to administrative personnel. In addition, network monitors can be put in place, which will notify the operator automatically of issues with the network, displays or content.

Revenue Generation

  • TransitVUE® TPIS solution can generate revenue for you by allowing 3rd party advertising on your system. Depending on the size of your system, your Return on Investment can be as short as 18 months. Revenue generated after this period can be used towards funding additional projects without using taxpayers’ money.

Increase in Rideshare

  • The convenience of use due to passenger information availability and customer satisfaction would yield to an increase in rideshare not only for repeat riders, but also through new users. The positive experience of regular riders would create “word-of-mouth” advertising for people not familiar with using a public transportation system. Local residents and tourists would be more willing to try public transportation knowing that information is readily available inside/outside of transit stations.

Environmental Benefits

  • Implementation of TransitVUE® TPIS into mass transit systems contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and other toxic pollutants emitted by vehicle on the streets. According to “New Fiber Optics Makes Subways Cleaner, Greener” from Hispanic Business Magazine, May 2008, Los Angeles officials feels the critical importance of getting people to use public transportations. More subway riders equates to less drivers and less pollution on the congested streets of Los Angeles. By providing technologically advanced information systems like TransitVUE® TPIS for their customers, transit agencies nationwide attract more rides for convenient and easy way to commute.