The TransitVUE® AMDS Series of multi-colored, high-definition (P1 & P3 pixel pitch) LED displays are the perfect fit for airports and public transit agencies that want to offer passengers an enhanced travel experience. They are the ONLY P1 and P3 LED displays available for these markets in our size ranges. We dare our competition to prove us wrong!

We use only the highest quality materials and components. They are built to be long lasting (10 years plus) and are ADA, UL, NEMA 4X and IP65 compliant. Each led display is uniquely made to fit any size and configuration. They also come with optional AES67-2018 compliant digital audio with all weather outdoor rated loudspeakers and POE security cameras.

With our color led displays, airports and transit agencies can now use high-resolution images, colored text, wayfinding graphics, videos, and more to create a unique travel experience for their passengers. This allows an excellent medium for branding, promotion, and 3rd party advertising for example.

Key Features Include

  • Provides enhanced passenger information & wayfinding capability.
  • High-definition colored text and graphics delineate designated routes, and destinations more efficiently.
  • Flexibility in size and configuration and available with touch screen.
  • Health check monitoring via SNMP notification.
  • NEMA 4X and IP65 rated outdoor enclosures and cabinets.
  • UL compliant components.
  • Meets FTA “Buy America” requirements.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Anti-graffiti and vandalism resistant.
  • Canopy and pole mounting capability.
  • Unique intake and exhaust fan system.
  • No AC or heater needed.
  • No anti-glare or reflection film needed.
  • Expected lifespan exceeds 10 years.
  • 100,000 continuous hours per individual LED.
  • Easy integration with TransitVUE® Professional or any other open platform passenger information software.

TransitVUE® Professional Passenger Information Software

TransitVUE® Professional passenger information software provides multi-display control, primarily for real-time mass transit applications. TV Pro can be independently used from the cloud or set up on a premise server. The high-resolution HD screen features easy integration with TV Pro or third-party software. From message scheduling to the full audio, video and graphic message library, multi-language display to the web-based graphical user interface, TV Pro simplifies and reduces operator interaction, while increasing reliability. 

Do not simply take our word for it, see a demo for yourself. Email us at or give us a call, (213) 222-8831, to schedule your virtual or on-site demonstration!

Integrated Passenger Information Solutions From Transitvue Communications Systems……  “When Quality, Experience and Technical Expertise Matters.”

Note: Above images of the P1 message signs are for visual representation only and not actually installed.