TransitVUE® Content Management Server

The TransitVUE® Content Management Server is used with our premise option of the TransitVUE® Professional Management Software. It centrally manages the network of media players on your network using a secure web. It is a robust DSN content display server designed for the 24/7/365 message display environments. It is ideal for use in the transportation industry where private networks are available. Used together with the user-friendly TransitVUE® Professional Management Software, the server will be able to manage all of the displayed information to individual or multiple media players throughout the network.

TransitVUE® Media Players


TransitVUE® station media players are compact, highly reliable and feature extensive connectivity for linking to the content management system via a LAN, WAN or wireless connection. The station media players can run independently from the content management server in case network connection is lost.

The station media controllers are capable of supporting multiple blocks of content, tickers, layouts, dynamic vehicle location maps, arrival/departure information, and much more. Each display controller is configured with TransitVUE® Professional Management Software prior to shipment to allow for maximum accessibility and quick delivery of information.

TransitVUE® LED Displays

TransitVUE® offers full color LED variable message signs for concourse, station platform, on-board as well as transit centers.  These unique digital message boards offer true 3mm full color HD contrast and high definition video broadcast capability used for advanced messaging and advertising. The direct sun light outdoor LED SMD panel technology allows TransitVUE® displays to function in extreme temperatures without an AC unit and with 10+ years of LED longevity.  The 42″ Concourse Information Displays are designed to be positioned at the mezzanine levels, station entrances, over TVM’s and transit centers, while Platform Displays are best suitable for station platforms and bus stops. Both types of displays can be integrated with our PA option, using our Transitvue® Professional software, allowing agencies to reach their commuters with mass system wide notifications and to provide information to visually impaired passengers.


They are designed to accommodate and support one full color LED display or in a back-to-back configuration for transit station environments. A variation of ceiling, pendulum, and wall mounts are available as required by your application. Transitvue® LED HD full color VMS displays are available in standard and custom sizes.

The TransitVUE® Transportation Passenger Information System is capable of integrating with any of our other TransitVUE® Systems in order to provide a total protection solution to transit agencies.

For more information on our TransitVUE® Systems, please visit our Downloadable Specifications page for a complete list of brochures, datasheets, videos and presentations.

TransitVUE® LCD Displays

TransitVUE® LCD display monitors are commercial grade for reliability and available in various sizes based on customer’s requirements. Sunlight readable high brightness LCD monitors are available for outdoor applications. The TransitVUE® monitor display enclosures and mounts are made to standard sizes or can be custom made to meet your specific requirements. They are designed to accommodate and support one or two monitors in a back-to-back, side-by-side or single unit configuration for transit station environments. A variation of ceiling, pendulum, and wall mounts are available as required by your application.