TransitVUE® TPIS Content Management Server

The TransitVUE® Content Management Server is a key component of our TPIS premise solution. It centrally manages the network of displays by using a secure web browser. It is a robust and designed for to work flawlessly in 24/7/365 environments. The TPIS content management server is configured to support visual messaging and public address systems. It will be able to manage all of the displayed information to individual or multiple displays in the network.

TransitVUE® Sign Media Players

TransitVUE® sign media players are compact, highly reliable and are interconnected via a hardwired or wireless network. SMP’s run independently from the content management server in case network connection is lost. SMP’s are capable of supporting multiple types of content, such as vehicle location maps, real-time arrival information, and much more. Our sign media players are not proprietary. They are open source and support Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android. Each SMP is configured with a client interface to the TransitVUE® Professional Content Management Software prior to shipment. This will allow for immediate accessibility and quick delivery of information.

TransitVUE® Multi-Color LED Displays

TransitVUE® offers a complete line of multi-color LED displays.  They can be used transit agencies, airports, ports and others requiring high-definition quality.  These uniquely designed LED displays offer true P1 (1.25mm) and P3 (3mm) resolution. You can now broadcast text messages, graphics, images and video content used with PSA’s, and 3rd party advertising. The direct sun light SMD panel technology allows our LED displays to function in extreme temperatures without an AC unit or heater. They are available in a single or double-sided configuration and various sizes. A variety of ceiling, pendulum, and wall mount hardware is available.

Our LED displays are made to be used anywhere in a station, intermodal hub or shelter transit stops. They available with our optional POE Dante sign audio system and POE security cameras. This allows agencies to reach their commuters with visual and audio messaging (from each sign), as well as provide added passenger security and safety.

TransitVUE® LCD Displays

TransitVUE® LCD displays are commercial grade for reliability and available in various sizes. Sunlight readable, high-bright LCD monitors are available for outdoor applications. The TransitVUE® LCD display enclosures and mounts are made to meet your specific requirements. They are designed to accommodate one or two LCD monitors in a back-to-back, side-by-side or single unit configuration. A variation of ceiling, pendulum, and wall mounts are available as required by your application.

For more information on a complete TPIS for your airport or agency, simply email us at or give us a call today at (213) 222-8831 to discuss the possibilities!

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