The TransitVUE® Transportation Passenger Information System (TPIS) is fully integrated and composed of a common communication infrastructure and database that provides automated control of critical messaging for light rail, subway, train, bus, airport, port and government applications. The goal of TPIS is to provide the public and internal staff with up-to-date information, regarding anything from scheduled or real-time arrival and departure information to service alerts. The system utilizes an open architecture and can be managed from a centralized or remote location. Messages such as train arrivals schedules, public service announcements, safety messages and advertisements can be prerecorded and displayed in real-time, full-motion, and high quality.


Unlike other off-the-shelf passenger information systems, TPIS is designed to be customizable and flexible so that agencies can choose from a multitude of screen sizes and employ a variety of template designs. Regardless of the size of your TPIS system, you will be able to:

  • Display scheduled or real-time arrival and departure, route, and final destination information on LCD/LED displays, information kiosks, or websites.
  • Display messages, images, or videos, such as PSAs, safety alerts, RSS feeds, emergency evacuation procedures, or any custom content you wish to broadcast.
  • Connect multiple displays at various stations and control them from a single point
  • Broadcast messages with or without high quality stereo audio
  • Overlay multiple messages at one time on the same display
  • Multi-cast messages
  • Enable the auto detection feature, which actively allows a message to be broadcast
    when triggered (for example, when a train crosses a certain section of track,
    track perimeter intrusion, emergency evacuation and so forth)
  • Allow 3rd party commercial advertising on your system
  • Increase ridership and overall revenue
  • Provide an easier and more convenient medium between the transit agencies and passengers.
  • Display the date, time, temperature, and agency logo on all displays.
  • Create efficiencies in network development and lower costs by integrating existing systems such as SCADA and PA and reducing system management time.
  • Integrate with any of our other TransitVUE® Intrusion Detection and CCTV Systems to form a value-added and centrally managed communication system.