TransitVUE® Professional is a specifically designed software platform for the transportation industry. It will support a network of unlimited number of digital signs running on passenger information displays in 24 x 7 environments. Since TransitVUE® Professional is an open platform application; messaging is managed through a common web browser interface.

TransitVUE® Professional is offered both as Software-as-a-Service monthly fee service or an on-premise private network solution. Either way, TransitVUE® Professional allows for easy integration with digital signage networks, Wayside information kiosks, and more. It’s scalable, reliable and affordable.


  • Create content using custom or standard templates;
  • ADA compliant font size and style for text messages, RSS, and other feeds;
  • Real-time (GTSF-RT) arrival and vehicle location information;
  • Integrates with CAD/AVL systems through an open source API, JSON or XML file;
  • Integration with your agencies website and social media accounts;
  • Display licensed and custom created static image files such as jpeg, ping, and tiff;
  • Display scheduled or real-time arrival and departure, route, final destination and other wayfinding information;
  • Display standard or full-motion high definition videos, such as PSAs, safety alerts, emergency evacuation procedures, or any custom content an agency wishes to broadcast;
  • Display the date, time, temperature, and your agency agency logo on all signs;
  • 3rd party commercial advertising and agency branding;
  • Live or produced video broadcasting; and
  • Integrated visual and audio messages.


  • Interactive;
  • Insert at time or interval;
  • Conditional scheduling;
  • Multiple schedules;
  • Multiple message overlay;
  • Integrated with message creation; and
  • Unicast and multicast messaging streams.


  • Manage all, groups of or a single sign media player;
  • Central and local control;
  • Real-time dashboard;
  • Proof-of-performance reporting;
  • Text notification to a single or multiple individuals;
  • Connect multiple displays at various locations and control them from a single point;
  • Auto detection feature will allow a message to be broadcast when triggered; and
  • Creates efficiency in your messaging network, while reducing system management time.

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