Our Transitvue® video security solutions support comprehensive applications for video transmission, recording, management, multi-cast and distribution. Our applications support seamless integration to other sub-systems such as public address, mass notification, intrusion and chemical detection. As a leading provider in our field, we are a trusted partner for many major operators in various public transportation segments. One of our knowledgeable technical staff member will assist you with your system design, installation parameters and of course maintaining your video security system for peek performance!

Video Management System (VMS)

The foundation of our security solutions is our Transitvue® Professional Video Management System (VMS). Professional VMS ensures constant access to passenger and cargo flow, readying yourself for any type of situation, spotting threats and responding quickly to the situation.  Any disruptions or threats are handled effectively by managing multiple systems from our one VMS platform. This allows integration of wide range of different subsystems, which makes our system state-of-the-art and maximizes the added value to the end user.

Transitvue® Professional VMS is a unified platform that lets you manage all your security and related sub-systems. It standardizes common security operations from multiple systems such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration, and makes all tasks easily accessible via a single intuitive application.

Ideal Solution for Demanding and Critical Security Projects

TransitVUE® solutions are ideal for the transportation industry because of their quality and reliability. High resolution, high definition, and frame rates are necessary for surveillance purposes to ensure that the quality of the video output is of an acceptable standard, that can be used both for preventative surveillance as well as for evidentiary purposes. Our secure systems allow for interfacing and operations with other government level systems where a high level of security is required. Our solutions support Onvif standards and compliant with the requirements of other standards related to video surveillance.

Unlimited Scalability

Our system is future proof and it can be scaled from relatively small system into the system with tens of thousands cameras and other components. The scalability of our system is also transparent to the underlying legacy systems, regardless whether these are analogue or IP based with different levels of integration of different subsystems.

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