(Sept. 7, 2007) The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun the induction of a new digital signage technology that will ultimately replace the single line ticker tape LED displays of the past. This contemporary technology called the TransitVUE® Transportation Passenger Information System (TPIS) was provided by JM Fiber Optics, Inc. of Chino, CA. This $2.2 million system, which has already been launched at Union Station, includes the installation of 350 46-inch LCD monitors situated throughout the Red and Purple line metro rails. These screens, which are monitored by Rail Operations Control (ROC), contain up-to-date and relevant information pertaining to each specific station.

Scheduled and Realtime Performance

At the moment, all of the monitors have the capability of displaying scheduled or instantaneous messages, RSS feeds, and video content. In the next phase of this project, Dan Lindstrom, manager of Wayside System Communications, is aiming towards synchronizing LCD displays with real time data to reveal train departure and arrival times. Currently, the platform-level screens at Union Station can be found suspended from the ceiling and mounted onto the old LED arms. TPIS will allow platform-level screens to display information relevant to the train arriving or departing on a certain side of the track. Similarly, TPIS monitors on the mezzanine-level will be responsible for displaying general information, such as the location of the ticket booths or ticket prices. These mezzanine monitors can be seen hanging from the ceiling or mounted onto walls in visible areas. The objective of this digital signage system is to allow for communication within the metro system to be as appealing and as readily available to passengers as possible.

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