In an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and other toxic pollutants on our planet, transit agencies are heavily promoting the use of public transportation. With the advent of this Go Green Initiative, the number of people using public transportation to commute to and from our cities and urban areas is gradually increasing. As a result, threat security breaches, safety issues, and distracted pedestrians are becoming a growing concern for many transit agencies.

While the presence of additional transit police and sophisticated CCTV security systems are great deterrents, they do not provide early detection. With our TransitVUE® physical layer and virtual intrusion detection systems, intrusions can be detected far enough in advance to allow for preventative measures.

TransitVUE® AIM is a specialized intrusion detection sensing systems designed to be receptive to movement and pressure of individuals tresspassing into restricted areas or dropping what could be dangerous objects along rail tracks. AIM provides transit agencies with added security from unauthorized intrusions in railways, station platforms, fenced areas, tunnels, or bridges. Intrusions, such as suicide attempts and terrorist attacks, are detected instantly and zone intrusion alerts are reported to designated security personnel. They now can determine the threat level and respond accordingly; for instance, by either stopping the train or evacuating the station.

TransitVUE® AlertMat is a specialized street, station and gate crossing alert system to notify pedestrians crossing into the right away when occupied. When a train or bus approaches, AlertMat is automatically activated through SCADA or other control system and the ultra-bright LED lights flash at a speed set by you until the bus or train has exited the right away and it is safe for pedestrians or vehicles to cross.

Unlike other single solution intrusion detection and pedestrian alert systems, Transitvue Communication Systems provides the user with several different options. These options include: