Today’s passenger information systems are the key communication link between agency personnel and the traveling public. The ability to turn ordinary static system and route maps, wayfinding signage and onboard posters into useful passenger destination information, is one of the main components to complete customer satisfaction.

TransitVUE® Information Illuminator is made to be used for virtually any signage illumination requirement onboard buses, trains, transit stations or bus stops. Made for both indoor and outdoor applications, we can make a sign to fit your exact needs for about the same cost as a traditional static image while adding illumination for an enhanced passenger way finding experience. With Information Illuminator, passengers will be able to obtain the information they need and increase their motivation to take the public transportation system.

TransitVUE® Information Illuminator is a new technology that is very similar to LED lighting, but is greener and more efficient. Our light emitting capacitor technology is the greenest and most efficient lighting technology in the transportation inductry today. It provides the same luminary level as LED lighting, but is 30-50% more efficient and has the same or greater life expectancy then LED lighting.


Our uniquely designed illumination circuits are be imbedded onto any printable material including our specially designed hardened PVC and shatter resistant glass (custom designed and installed to fit your specific signage), making it long lasting and durable for all applications. When a train or bus is proceeding to its next stop, Information Illuminator will follow the direction to illuminate the sign and indicate where you are and when you have arrived at the next stop. You’ll no longer have to worry about when your next stop will be approaching or if you missed it all together. Information Illuminator is automatically activated through SCADA, GPS or another controls system with our MP-i100 controller. The ultra-high quality illuminating lights won’t disturb fellow passengers. Information Illuminator can also be used for general information or as a directional signage system in case of an emergency.


When used as a route map at a rail or bus station, Information Illuminator can work as a stand alone luminated map or as an interactive passenger map, highlighting key routes and transit connection points.


For more information on our TransitVUE® Systems, please visit our Downloads page for a complete list of brochures, datasheets, videos and presentations.