Outdoor Detection
The AIM™ intrusion detection system can detect unauthorized intrusion along tracks, piers, bridges, security gates and light rail station platforms well in advance of a train arriving.

The AIM™ system can alert the train operator when intrusion occurs. For example, if a person entered onto the track intentionally or by accident, the operator will be alerted by a warning beacon along side the tracks of via an on-board alert notification. The operator will now have enough time to stop the train to help prevent potential suicides or accident. For operator less systems, the AIM™ controller can send an intrusion notification signal to the control system for allowing automatic stopping of a train.


Underground Detection
AIM™ can detect any unauthorized subway intrusion such as someone throwing an object onto the tracks, jumping off a station platform onto the track below or climbing over or around a security gate. Security personnel will have early warning so the train can be stopped before reaching the station if rail security has been breached.


Tunnels and Portals
Unauthorized intrusion into tunnels or portals can be detected before someone can cause damage to the rail system. This gives security early warning and can help prevent a crime before it happens.


Fenced Perimieters
AIM™ sensing mats can be placed along fence lined areas not covered by security cameras. This will allow you to easily detect unauthorized intrusion.


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