The Future of Passenger Information & Wayfinding for Public Transit

To assist agencies with next generation passenger information initiatives, TransitVUE® is introducing our “Messaging in Color” campaign. We are bringing full color, high-definition resolution digital signage once reserved only for large arenas and stadiums to public transit agencies. Next generation passenger information systems can take advantage of this technology at commuter train, light rail and subway stations, intermodal hubs, BRT stops, and regular transit shelter bus stops.

We do this by offering the most advanced, yet affordable, P1 and P3 LED digital displays that can be used on a platform, concourse, mezzanine and shelter stop. These are the only true P1 & P3 digital displays available for the mass transit market. They are not limited to just a replacement for traditional monochrome platform signs, but are a great alternative to indoor and outdoor LCD monitors, information kiosks and other digital signage applications.

To find out more about our “Messaging in Color” campaign and how your agency can benefit from full-color messaging in high-definition quality, simply follow the link above or below. To see a demo of our P1 and P3 LED digital displays for yourself, email us at or give us a call to discuss the possibilities!

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“Messaging in Color”