To assist airports and public transportation agencies with next generation passenger information initiatives, TransitVUE® is introducing our “Messaging in Color” campaign. We are bringing multi-color, high-definition LED technology once reserved only for large arenas and stadiums to airports and mass transit agencies. Next generation passenger information systems can take advantage of this technology for airport terminals, light rail & subway stations, intermodal hubs, BRT stops, and transit shelter bus stops.

Research shows a well-designed passenger information and wayfinding system can automatically assist passengers to navigate 20% faster, without human intervention. This allows extra time to dine and shop. When overall passenger and non-passenger satisfaction levels rise, revenue grows as well. When passengers are well informed and aware, they are less stressed and more comfortable. This means they are twice as likely to impulse shop or grab something to eat while waiting.

Marketing studies have shown calm passengers will spend upwards of 7% more on retail and 20% more on duty-free. Simply put, passengers are more likely to spend money freely while waiting to board their plane, train or bus with a next generation passenger information system that utilizes clear sounding audio and multi-color digital signage.

To find out more about our “Messaging in Color” campaign and how your airport and public transit agency can benefit from multi-color messaging in high-definition quality, simply email us at or give us a call at (213) 222-8831 to discuss the possibilities!

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“Messaging in Color”