As a successful transit agency, you are trying to find ways to increase the reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of your operation. One way to accomplish this is by upgrading your existing control room into a modern, mass transit control center.

The broad range of Transitvue; high resolution advanced rail control room solutions can replace hundreds of traditional CRT monitors or older projector engines. Our custom-made display array’s provide the flexibility to show HD or standard content in a variety of viewable formats without costing more than standard systems.

Our team of engineers can design a control center monitoring system that will fit your physical layout, while utilizing the latest 24/7/365 technology from highly recognized industry leading manufacturers. We understand transit agencies varied requirements and specialized industry standards for control room environments. We know how important it is to pay attention to the details involved when integrating a variety of technologies.


We start by assessing your needs—whether starting with existing equipment or building a new control center from scratch. By listening to our clients and working with existing parameters, our team can conceptualize an efficient facility tailored to your needs. Our engineers and designers work together to create the needed balance between form and functionality.

Next, we create the control center monitoring plan with a series of detailed schematics. We are experienced in working with our clients’ staff and within the constraints of existing facilities themselves to create a manageable system—one that makes sense and has reasonable access for maintenance and updates. At this point we take the whole project into consideration, from installation to several years beyond installation.

As far as installations go, we have “real world” experience in the orchestration of efforts between the product manufacturers and facility engineers. This is where details, good planning and the experience of our installation team really shine and why the US Bureau of Reclamation, NCTD and the Los Angeles County MTA chose us for their control center monitoring array and surveillance systems.

Don’t be fooled by catalog houses and others who may tell you that a custom-made system is too expensive and risky. By selecting a customized Transitvue; mass transit control center monitoring system, you can rest assured that we will complete your control room on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction!

Contact us today and let us design a control center monitoring system that meets your agency’s unique requirements!