Artist rendering of transparent mesh LED display used at a transit stop 

TransitVUE® is now offering P4 LED transparent mesh displays designed for use by mass transit agencies for light rail and subways stations, high-volume bus stops, and intermodal hubs. With increasingly scarce urban outdoor passenger information and advertising resources, a transparent mesh display serves a wider range of applications over traditional signage and static images.

The displays high transparency, stability, and a long operating life. In addition to general messaging, they offer other major benefits such as advertising revenue and agency branding, which allows for an enhanced and positive travel experience.

The AMDS Series come in standard in 6’ x 3’ ruggedized panels, which can be used stand-alone or interconnected together to fit a larger area. Custom sizes are available. They do not require ventilation, and allow as high as 90% light pass rate. By the same token, passengers have high visibility of content at all times, with a wide viewing angle.

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