TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection System with Video Analytics (IDVA) provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and advanced intelligent video surveillance software available today. With accurate behavior recognition capabilities, IDVA can detect suspicious behaviors that threaten safety and security in real-time, alerting the appropriate transit security and operations staff for an effective and efficient response. Using multiple object trajectory tracking and human reasoning technology, IDVA overcomes the obstacles faced by traditional video analytics software by eliminating the false alarms caused by train motion and reflection.

TransitVUE® IDVA Behavior Modules

Designed for transit agencies of all sizes, IDVA includes a comprehensive set of behavior recognition modules for increasing safety and security protection of rail personnel and passengers. These behavior modules can be used individually or in combinations on individual cameras or extended across thousands of cameras.

The following behavior modules are offered by Transitvue:

The IDVA software, which is made up of a server/administration console and an alert viewer, provides transit operators with a comprehensive video surveillance platform. The software allows authorized users to integrate third party sensors & systems, manage system users, and configure organizational security policy. Transit security personnel can specify security settings to determine when, where, and how alerts are received. Additionally, the software can categorize alerts in terms of escalation and deliver notifications via a wide variety of communication devices, including wireless devices. Most notably, the system software enables viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously, alert details, and past alert records.

TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection System Hardware

The TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection System is customizable, scalable and comprised of the following basic hardware components:

  1. TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection Software

  2. TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection Behavior Modules

  3. TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection Central Management Server

  4. TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection Station Server

  5. TransitVUE® Multi-Port Video Server

Our TransitVUE® Virtual Intrusion Detection System with Video Analytics is guaranteed to function both indoors and outdoors, under complex real world environments with high accuracy, and with virtually no false alarms. One of the prevalent benefits of this system is that it provides transit agencies with classification of people, vehicles, animals, and other objects and allows for continuous tracking even when an object or person disappears and reappears in the scene due to temporary blocking. Another great benefit is that this system has an automatic alerting feature that activates in the event that an alarm is not initially acknowledged by a busy CCTV operator or other personnel.