City of Fresno is Launching New Full Color LED Variable Message Signs From TransitVUE for Bus Rapid Transit System.

City of FresnoToday’s passenger information systems are the key communication link between agency personnel and the traveling public. The ability to provide real-time arrival/departure times, safety messages, information videos, news feeds as well as helpful passenger destination information, is one of the main components to complete customer satisfaction. Transportation agencies of all sizes are now capable of providing the most technologically advanced communications mediums for their passengers by working with manufactures like Transitvue Communication Systems.

In June 2016, the City of Fresno began construction of a 15.7 miles Bus Rapid Transit System. The opening ceremony took place at the Fresno Area Express (FAX) Terminal at Manchester Center. FAX is a 16 fixed-route bus line agency that services the greater Fresno Metropolitan Area with a modern clean and green fleet of over 100 busses. The differences between the Bus Rapid Transit system and the traditional fixed route service are the following: wait times and customer boarding will take less time, schedules will be more reliable and travel times will be faster due to fewer stops that will be located ½ mile apart compared to ¼ mile stops. BRT will feature a total of 27 stops, and will serve major shopping centers, hospitals, and other significant destinations in the City of Fresno. The transit line will connect all major north-south corridors, Blackstone Avenue, and a major east-west corridor, Ventura Avenue and Kings Canyon Road through downtown Fresno. By implementing TransitVUE Full Color LED variable message signs at the bus stops and the transit center, Fresno BRT will provide the best commute experience and safety; achieve an improved level of service and high rate of customer satisfaction. The agency is planning for the variety of display sizes: bus shelter, platform and a concourse signs to accommodate 24 station pairs (or 48 one-way stations), two terminal stations, and one transit center with a shared platform station.

Fresno BRT projected date for start of service for Fall 2017 with their new Full Color LED signs.

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