Transitvue Communication Systems Introduces Advanced Intrusion Detection Sensing Mat, AIM.

Intrusion Detection MatIntrusion detection has become a growing concern for passenger’s safety worldwide. While CCTV security systems are widely used throughout the public transportation industry, they often need to be accompanied by a secondary system for intrusion detection. Motion sensor beams and video analytic have proven to be ineffective with a high rate of false alarms and require constant maintenance.

The AIM solution from TransitVUE® is a specially designed, heavy-duty four-wire pressure sensing mat with conductive plates, for underground and outdoor applications. AIM mat can interface with SCADA and virtually any security system with an Ethernet or dry contact closure input. It can be used alongside rails, at station platforms, tunnel and portal entrances. The sensing capability is completely immune from weather, environmental conditions and train vibrations, eliminating false alarms. Security operator can follow someone’s movement from zone to zone using integrated AIM mats with standalone or rack mount Network Interface Controllers and Notification software. Unrestricted areas can be protected from end to end, detecting objects and/or people on the tracks.

The previous version of AIM mat was utilized on the Red Line at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to alert Metro personnel of unauthorized intrusions on the tracks.
Transitvue Communications Systems will showcase the latest and improved version of AIM Mat at the APTA EXPO 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, booth #8732.

If you are interested in scheduling a demonstration, please contact us at or by phone: (909)627-4100.

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